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          Timing chain and tensioners

       Timing chain tensioners on early XK`s (pre2001)  were made of plastic MKII, after

          2001 Jaguar upgraded to the Mk II tensioners part plastic part metal, with

          age and wear & tear, the plastic degrades and one day without warning falls apart.

          Damaging your engine costing you  thousands of pounds .


          Preventative servicing, changing the tensioners to the MK111 all metal

          tensioners before the plastic ones fall apart will save you thousands of pounds

          and bring back the joys of driving your XK, with out the worry of when your

          tensioners will fail. Like a ticking bomb waiting to explode.


             Key Benefits

  * Full Tensioner Kit: 2x primary chains, 2x secondary chains, 2x primary tensioners,

  2x secondary tensioners, 2x primary chain guides,  2x chain blades, 4x replacement

  Hydraulic tensioner bolts, front cover seals, all cam cover seals and bottom pulley Bolt



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