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                ******** SEE LATEST PICTURES OF XKR WITH FULL BODY KIT **********

          Arden body modifications give your JAGUAR even sportier and more elegant lines.
            All Arden aerodynamic parts have been developed by an experienced design team
             to improve the driving dynamics and active safety of your XK.

            At the moment our team works on the completion of the XK program.
            If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

             Arden Front Spoiler                                                                          now Available  2007  

            Sporty and elegant design.
            Minimizes aerodynamic lift on the front axle.
            With integrated air inlets for improved cooling of front brakes.

             Arden Front Grille                                                                             coming  spring 2007  

            Handcrafted. Mirror chrome finish.
             Stone chip resistant.                                                                            

              Arden Engine Hood with Vents                                                   now Available   2007  

             Engine Hood with integrated vents for better performance.
             Sporty design

              Arden Vents - on the side                                                            now Available    2007   

             Sporty and elegant design

              Arden Side Sills (Set)                                                                     now Available   2007            

             Sporty and elegant design.
             Minimizes dirtying of sides

              Arden Rear Apron                                                                         now Available   2007                      

             Sporty and elegant design. Redesign of bumper/rear skirt unit with integrated diffuser.

             For standard or Arden exhaust system.

             Arden Rear Spoiler                                                                        now Available  2007                     

            Sporty and elegant design.
            Minimizes aerodynamic lift on the rear axle.
            Optionally available with integrated brake light or initials

             Arden fog-lamp housing                                                               now Available  2007    

            Sporty design, chrome plated

             Arden Dual Tail Lights                                                                     now Available   2007 

            Sporty design through round taillights. Chrome rim optional.

              Arden Sports Rear view Mirrors                                                 now Available  2007           

           Aerodynamic design.
           Electrically operated and heated.
           Convex mirror glasses.
           Also available in chrome version.

            Arden decoration border                                                                 coming  spring  007  

          Choice wise in silver, gold or black                                            

           Arden Window Tinting for Coupe                                                                                           


          For rear window and rear side windows.                                   

         Classic Arden JAGUAR Hood Ornament                                                                                        

         Chrome-plated. For on the hood.
         Patented safety fastening.
         With TUV certificate.                                                                     

         Arden Engine Bay Customization                                                now Available   2007          

        Consists of carbon covers for and special coatings of numerous engine parts
        and accessories

        Arden under body lining                                                                now Available   2007           

       Reduction of aerodynamic resistance.
       More power and less consumption.


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