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    Design XKR now stock Suspension bushes


The special type of polyurethane use is an advanced material which has unique properties.

 Products have the ability to offer high performance without vibration or noise but with

exceptionally long life.


                 Woolly handling? Fast tyre wear? Braking instability?

These are all common ailments when you are using 'softy' rubber compound

suspension bushes. have a cure that will relieve your sheepishness and

remove your feelings of being fleeced - the new up rated Polyurethane Suspension Bush

                    BUSHES OFFER:
  • Prolonged Tyre Life
  • Improved Performance
  • Increased Safety
  • Greater Cost-Effectiveness

    No special tools are needed.
  • Powerflex Suspenion Bushes manufactured in England by EPTG Ltd.
    This exciting new technologically advanced range of Uprated Polyurethane Suspension Bushes are brought to you by EPTG Ltd (European Polyurethane Technologies Group) and are manufactured in England.



    Description Part #  Per Car Price
    Front lower Wishbone DPF2721AA   X4  X2* 21.00
    Front Top Wishbone DPF2722AA X4 19.00
    Front lower wishbone DPF2723AA X2* 21.00
    Front Bushes kit DPF2724AA X1 189.00
    Front anti roll bar DPF2725AA X2 16.00
    Rear beam mount DPF2727AA x2 30.00
    Rear anti roll bar 17mm DPF2728AA X2 16.00
    Rear Panhard rod DPF2729AA X4 19.00
    Rear Bushes kit DPF2731AA x1 169.00
    Full Car Kit DPF2732AA X1 345.00
    prices inclusive of VAT
    *for cars with off set lower wishbone bushes
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